RW- MBSR Student

I found the MBSR course taught by Kari Lyons Price to be tremendously helpful in learning to deal with daily trials and tribulations In a more positive way. Kari is a wonderful teacher who is gifted at meeting people where they are in life and offering great tools for coping with life’s challenges. I highly recommend the course.

JS- MBSR Student

I would highly recommend both the MBSR course and instructor Kari Lyons-Price. I signed up for the course with specific intentions, and the actual experience led me down a completely different path....exceeded my expectations and greatly appreciated!

BE- MBSR Student

Mindful Based Stress Reduction changed my life. No, seriously, it did! Ok, well it changed my outlook on life. I used to think that I got stressed out. But now I can see that I allowed myself to react to the stress. After taking this class, I can honestly say that I now allow very few things in my life to stress me out. I also learned how to be mindfully present and enjoy living my life. I realized after taking this class that I was not enjoying the little things in my life. I was constantly worrying about the next thing I had to accomplish. After taking this class I have learned the importance of being present and mindful. I am learning the beauty of my present tense... And it is a blessing.

DC- MBSR Student

Kari makes it all manageable to hone and tone many ways to meditate and even many ways at how to look at a practice. The course suggests daily practices plus supporting readings that bolster the concepts. Kari gives you permission to start where you are, makes a comfortable and welcoming container to share experiences plus offers her keen reflection with a caring and open-hearted nature.

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