Meditate Wenatchee is designed to help individuals, groups, businesses and communities find a greater sense of health and wellness.  Building skills for mental focus, resilience, and coping with daily stressors.  Mindfulness is the art & science of bringing our single point of focus, without judgment, to each moment of our day.

Meditate Wenatchee is fueled by the passion to teach others to help heal themselves– working to connect our physical pains & challenges to our mind and ultimately to our heart.  When we are connected in wholeness we are in balance.  When we are in balance our life is experienced through the lens of ease, connection, joy and grace.

Mindfulness & Meditation Can Offer:

  • A practice to self-soothe, calm, and decrease stress.
  • A unique opportunity to sit and be in stillness, where we can deeply rejuvenate & repair our nervous system.
  • Positive impact on your health–
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Depression
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Sleep problems
    • Chronic pain
  • Train the brain– Lose the “monkey mind” and gain access to higher reasoning

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