Self Care in the Winter Months

As a follow-up to my October Blog link and the sharing of my grief process through the universal ways we as humans care for ourselves and habitually block or resist caring for ourselves, I wanted to deepen the conversation around this intersection of choice.

Previously I suggested that you write out 2 lists:

  1. The “what I really need” (when hurting) list.
  2. What I habitually do “to avoid pain,” list.

Also a quickie reminder, we all have these two lists, no judgment whatsoever!

Winter is upon us here in North Central Washington and with the dip on the thermostat and the rise on my heating bill, I also notice this ancient rhythm appear within my bones and flesh, to do less.  As if I was a bear who is seeking her cave, to simply lie down for a few months and sleep—to restore myself at the deepest level.  While we can’t do this exactly as mother nature intended, we can choose to change our daily rhythm and so I ask you, what do you wish for your winter months ahead?

Is there something that’s been causing you pain, waiting to be cared for, organized, attended to, dealt with?  Maybe it’s your long list of books to read, podcasts to listen to, a reorganization of your basement, garage or sock drawer?

More to the point, what is causing you pain or discomfort at a deeper level?  Perhaps there is that nagging pain in your hips or back, daily digestion issues, sleepless nights, painful topics that keep getting shelved with your partner, kids or boss.  Maybe an unresolved grief, grievance, painful resentment, or wound, that you’ve been pushing away or avoiding.

Whatever it might be that has been painful, challenging or uncomfortable  in your life, could you take these winter months to prioritize caring for this part of your life?  What would that decision take? What could be gained? What might be lost? At this very specific intersection of choosing to engage in an act of caring for ourselves at the deepest level or not, what do you notice?

Here at the desk of Meditate Wenatchee we believe in the power of intention and each human’s potential to heal their lives through the mindful investigation of our pain (in all it’s forms) and the resistance we naturally have to it.  We also simultaneously recognize the wicked force of our hardwired habits of resistance—personally and collectively.  Where does this leave us? Idling somewhere between lost and found with the gas light on, I suppose.

If doing this work in a group grabs your interest we will be meeting for 6-weeks this Winter to do just this!  Downtown Wenatchee starting December 7th, each Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm, we will be using Mindfulness Meditation to take this road trip on the “inside passage.” Read More & Register Here.

We never know what can happen—until we look!

With warmth of heart for you & our community~


P.S. Make the 2 Lists, you will learn something about yourself.  It’s a good start