Individual Mindfulness-Based Coaching

For those seeking private, one on one, guidance in their life, this service is a life coaching model imbedded into a foundation of Mindfulness instruction.  We work in sessions, by Zoom or in person, to walk through the challenges you are facing, building the Mindfulness muscle to meet life with more resilience, skillfulness, and courage.


  • Feel ready to find out how to live your life with your Heart more open.

  • Have done personal growth work with a therapist and are now ready to build skills of self-compassion, radical acceptance, and empowerment.

  • Want to profoundly change a habit of body, or mind—addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, or any health disorder, or dis-ease.

  • Are self-aware of your obstacles, wounds and traumas, and want to continue the healing journey with a guide.

  • Have had enough of the “old story” and are ready To Be Well & Feel Well!

I spent the first two decades of my working life using my Master’s Degree of Social Work, in community mental health and in private counseling.  Once again I am called to intentionally utilize this background, in combination with my years learning and teaching Mindfulness, to offer this coaching model.

On my own healing journey, Mindfulness meditation was one of the essential tools I practiced.  Cultivating a strong pathway for self-awareness and compassion helped me overcome multiple “habits” of body and mind—mental and physical health challenges.  And Mindfulness was not the only healing tool I embraced.  It was in combination with a multitude of other modalities and practices, alongside several skilled mental health and Complementary & Integrative Health providers, that brought my health and my life back to balance.  Healing and the journey towards it, is my life’s passion and purpose.

If what I have experienced, seen, heard, or known to be wise and skillful, can assist you in finding your answers and living your best life, then our time together will be of great benefit.  For us and for all those we are in relationship with.

Our goal together will be to strengthen Your Relationship to Self, so that you can be the guru, leader and wise guide of your own life.


You will do this by learning tools for…

  • Setting strong intentions

  • Listening to your body, mind & heart

  • Working with pain

  • Getting re-connected to your body

  • Deprogramming your inner critic, or “bully”

  • Awakening Self-Compassion

  • Forgiving self & others

  • Cultivating a Soft Front (open heart) and a Strong Back (confident, & empowered)

I will meet you wherever you are—you are not alone!


I teach from the basic idea that we are more than the health of our bodies or minds, we are a deeply interconnected whole that is made up of an energetic and physical body, a mental and emotional self and a heart/soul/spirit.  When we can acknowledge, be aware of and engage with all levels of our being, and health, we can find our wholeness in ways we had never known possible.

Which is to say that when we get stuck in the habits of only believing our health is what we weigh, or how we look, or how much money we make, or how happy our relationships are, we are missing so much more of the greater whole of our lives.  To know what is possible, we must get familiar and connected with all parts of the whole.  We will intentionally work step by step on all planes of your whole person health to bring you back into the drivers seat of your health and your life!

The Mayo Clinic says…”The emotional benefits of meditation can include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Building skills to manage your stress

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions

To see the source of this information and to read more about the full health benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation click here.

So if you find yourself seeking deep and lasting change in your life, from any myriad of issues, and have the curiosity and willingness to dive into the stillness at the center of your being, reach out and let’s get started.

You are worth it, and all those you love, and the life you lead, is worth it too!



Meet & Greet Phone Call: FREE

Individual 50-Minute Session: $70

Four 50-Minute Sessions: $255

*Sessions can only be purchased after a Meet & Greet Consult. Payment preferred via Venmo*


Get Started Today:

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