Get Started in a Group- Registration Open Now!

If a group interests you then please check out the coaching group: “Hustle No More” Summer Series begins Tuesday evenings: July 11th, Riverfront Park, Wenatchee. A great way to get started learning any new skill is to do so with a group who share a common goal and interest.

If committing to an 5-week group feels too much, consider dropping in on one of Meditate Wenatchee’s Community Drop-In Class. FREE, via Zoom and open to all.

Get Started One on One

For those seeking private, one on one, guidance in their life, this service is a life coaching model imbedded into a foundation of Mindfulness instruction.  We work in sessions, either by zoom or in person, to walk through the challenges you are facing, building the Mindfulness muscle to meet life with more resilience, skillfulness, and courage. Read More

Get Started On Your Own- Resource Up

For many of us, starting a new venture, or learning a new skill, in a group setting, brings up vulnerability and fear.  Perhaps you’d prefer to work on your own for awhile first.  If so check out the “resources” page for a list of my favorite apps for you to get started today! Read this article, written by Kari Lyons-Price, to assist in understanding How Mindfulness can make positive impacts in your life.

Most Importantly- Get Started!

When starting something new take these principles into consideration.

  • be consistent– practice daily, and at same time each day
  • be kind and encouraging to yourself, NO judgment or criticism please
  • be intentional– find a reason you are starting this practice that speaks from the heart and captures the core of your health goal(s).

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“MBSR has been a powerful counterbalance to the unique challenges we’ve faced in 2020.  The class structure helped me cultivate a habit, and I use my new skills everyday.” –SO, MBSR Student