Online Community Mindfulness Practice-

Every Wednesday, Mindful Movement at 12-noon – 12:40 pm


Whether you are in a current group, practicing at home, or have always been interested to try Mindfulness practices, you are welcome to join us!

This group is growing and the intention by offering this space is to grow together through our practice of Mindfulness into a community.  In my experience we can certainly grow when we are working alone with our inner experience, but we can expand our growth and experience exponentially when we practice in a group.  We, as humans, grow through being in connection with one another.

The format is a 25-minute Mindful Walking practice, + 10-min at the end for each person to check-in, share or ask questions.

You will however, decide this for yourself, as you should!  So check us out if you would like, there are no obligations of any kind to stay with the group once you have attended.  In fact, this kind of group is offered as a support for your practice and people drop-in when they can and when it feels needed.

Another incredible benefit of practice in a community is that we can witness our deep intrinsic sense of a shared human experience.  One that is beyond race, class, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.  In our world today we must find ways to acknowledge the pain experience of all people.  To break down the racism, classism and systemic oppression that is imbedded in our world.  One of the many ways mindfulness can support us in our lives is by showing us how to hold pain, ours and others, and in the process to honor and accept the life that is before us.

The Zoom link will be sent to you when you join the newsletter list here in right sidebar of this page!  Once you have the meeting ID and password you can join us anytime.