Mid-Winter Mindfulness Retreat: “Hustle No More”

Sunday, January 29th, 2023 @ 1pm – 5pm, PST.  Offered exclusively online via Zoom!

Registration Ends Friday Jan 27th @ 12 pm, PST 

Registration Extended Until Saturday, Jan 28th, 5pm

The New Year’s Hustle:

Are you tired of hustling to feel good about yourself and the life that you lead?

Are you ready to lay down the habit of needing to feel accomplished, productive, or successful enough, so that at the end of the day, week, month, or life—you can feel happy or worthy?

The fact is that this “hustle for worthiness” is embedded in the very fabric of our American culture and life.  To climb the ladder, to achieve—is to win. And winning is EVERYTHING!  Whether we are winning at weight loss, financial investments, or most social media engagements, we are wired to win.  And equally hardwired to feel filled up, or worthy, by a perceived win and defeated or worthless, when we don’t.

In the New Year, we often rush into making a resolution, setting an intention, or spending money on gear, wellness coaches & courses, making plans to “get healthy” when we haven’t actually given much thought to what it is we are seeking and why.  

I have recently found a direct correlation between what I think I want, need, or desire (resolution or intention) and a very thinly veiled hustle to simply feel good about myself.  The hustle being the work, or the workouts, the diets, and the cleanses.

So this year I’ve decided to face the hustle head on…

My intention is to stop hustling for my worthiness“To trust and own my inherent value and self-worth, just as I am.”

Thank you Brené Brown for bringing this hustle for worthiness to the spotlight of our attention!  You rock.  She highlights this simple overlooked fact:

Who you are is at the center of your worthiness, not what you do!

So before you make your plans for any new year change or challenge, ask yourself am I really just hustling for an outcome that I think will make me feel good about myself?

If you are unsure if you are hustling and what this means, the red flag is this.  If you are doing something in particular to create a “good feeling” inside yourself, that you don’t believe you can get any other way, and it often doesn’t work or last—you are hustling. 

If you’d like to start putting down your habit of hustling, that is stealing your life-force and making it harder for you to find your worthiness and joy, join me for this Mid-Winter Meditation Retreat!

Retreat To Include:

-Use of meditation practices to get grounded in the body & set safe and sacred space.

-Guided reflections to recognize and investigate your own personal hustles: what are you hustling for, how does it impact your daily life and why you do it.

-Journaling prompts and breakout discussions to assist in getting clear about what you truly need, with heartfelt and powerful focus and attention.

-Discuss and practice unlimited friendliness, self-compassion, and forgiveness

-Time and space to set an intention for 2023!


Because the good is already inside you!  You have only temporarily forgotten who you are and why you are here.  Learn to recognize and cultivate goodness, on the inside, by planting seeds of self-awareness, compassion and love.  It wins every time.

Be with who you are, just as you are

What is Needed:

– Some experience with Mindfulness & Meditation practices is helpful, but not required.  If you are unsure please call or email for a consult.

– A wifi connection that allows you to be on Zoom with a video.  Even though we do not need to see one another, or the instructor, it is requested that all videos are on so that we can feel the engagement of the group throughout the event.

– A space in your own environment that allows for safe and sacred space, & mindful movement practices like walking and gentle yoga.

-Journal or notebook.  If you prefer drawing then a sketchbook.



For former clients of Meditate Wenatchee, this is offered on a sliding scale of: $50 – $75

For those who are new to Meditate Wenatchee, this is offered on a sliding scale of: $70 – $95

*Payments are made via Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle* *If you have financial constraints please reach out*



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