The Big Bad Hustle for Worthiness

How many of us decide at the beginning of a year, that it’s time to dust off our gym memberships and sharpen our willpower to set a personal health goal? In an attempt to start a new year on the “right track” perhaps, or to simply follow in line with what our culture, or community […]

In the Tall Grass

An Unknown Path in the Tall Grass There are times when we all walk alone—down paths that are unknown.  I find myself walking on one of these paths now, grappling with the “who am I,” after my last parent has died.  These days I am finding that walking on literal paths helps me come into […]

Moment of Choice

I recently found myself sitting in a gorgeous meadow: sun streaming down, water rushing past, geothermal steam rising from a baby geyser, and a Raven cawing above me in a tree.  This was a particularly precious moment after a week of smoke and heavy rain on our vacation to be in the great western beauty […]

Not Alone

          This photo is a highlight from my summer, when two bear cubs came to visit us at Lake Chelan.  They reminded me of the gentle and natural ways we take care of each other and how we connect in each other’s presence, as humans and as animals.  These siblings cuddled […]


What Is Mindfulness—

There are certainly many different ways to define what Mindfulness is, here are two of my favorites from teachers that have most influenced my path. Jon Kabat-Zinn is an American professor emeritus of medicine and the creator of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, and the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.  He says, “Mindfulness is […]

My 2022 Intention!

Each year I put time and energy into creating an intention—a present time, positively worded phrase, that helps guide me towards something I desire in my life.  Often it is easy to know what we want to leave behind or be free from, but I have found that knowing what I DO WANT to embody […]

Time For New Year’s Intentions!

Time For New Year’s Intentions!             It seems collectively we are giving 2021 a “good riddance,” with a heavy sigh and the “bird” finger as we remember all the personal and societal pains it brought us.  For many there has been great loss: businesses, loved ones, health, community connection and […]

The Joy of Being Human

                Dear Friends & Community, There is no greater joy in my life than being witness to other people’s experience with Mindfulness!  We just finished our Fall quarter of the Mindfulness Based Stress Program (MBSR) course, over the last 8-weeks, and in our final class all students get […]

The Freedom of Letting Go

                Dear Friends & Community, A tree losing its leaves always reminds me that a.) I can see myself more clearly reflected in the brilliance of the natural world, and b.) it gives me pause to wonder what I may be ready to let go of myself. Historically […]