Choosing to Be Self-Aware: Positions of Power

  Just having taught two introduction to Mindfulness classes and discussing the “why” of this work has caused me to pause myself and think about the real power of the mind. Per always the mind gives me many compelling things to chew on in this category, but one thing always rises to the top. Choice […]

Cultural Impact & The Hustle for Worthiness

A week ago Sunday I had the great privilege of teaching a Mindfulness retreat, where our larger focus was ‘Hustling for Worthiness.’  First we got present and grounded in our space and in our bodies, then we began the slow yet continual process of unpacking our personal hustles around feeling worthy and embodying worthiness. We […]

The Big Bad Hustle for Worthiness

How many of us decide at the beginning of a year, that it’s time to dust off our gym memberships and sharpen our willpower to set a personal health goal? In an attempt to start a new year on the “right track” perhaps, or to simply follow in line with what our culture, or community […]

Self Care in the Winter Months

As a follow-up to my October Blog link and the sharing of my grief process through the universal ways we as humans care for ourselves and habitually block or resist caring for ourselves, I wanted to deepen the conversation around this intersection of choice. Previously I suggested that you write out 2 lists: The “what I […]

Not Alone

          This photo is a highlight from my summer, when two bear cubs came to visit us at Lake Chelan.  They reminded me of the gentle and natural ways we take care of each other and how we connect in each other’s presence, as humans and as animals.  These siblings cuddled […]


I have recently been exploring this concept or feeling of enoughness.  Even though it isn’t really a word, I have heard it over and over again in different spiritual and mindfulness talks and writings.  And while I haven’t yet figured it out, per se, I have chewed on it enough to have my curiosity piqued. […]

My Gratitude & My Why

Let’s Get Real, Life is Short— I am taking some time this month to drop into gratitude.  The depth of gratefulness and appreciation I feel for my life and all that that holds—-the good, the bad, and the ugly, as they say.  I have noticed that I often find myself thrust into a deep state […]