New Offering 2019

Mindfulness Meditation Group— Cashmere

203 Mission St. Ste# 205

Join us every 3rd Tuesday morning from 9:30 am to 10:30 am for a 30-minute Mindfulness practice followed by a 20-minute or so debrief/sharing/verbal exchange.
  • This group practice is open to all persons who have some experience with Mindfulness and or Meditation, formal or informal, from any and all traditions.  
  • This is an opportunity to practice in a group setting, and is not therefore an educational group that teaches Mindfulness or Meditation.
  • Each session will be guided verbally, for a short period of time, but expect that a majority of each sitting practice will be in silence.
  • Sonia Karumsi, MSPT and Kari Lyons-Price, MSW are co-hosting this group.  We both have experience in this work and are excited to practice with many of you!
  • Our shared intention for this group is to cultivate a Mindful Community; one that we can engage with meaningfully, receive care and support from, and one that will nurture and inspire aculture of Mindfulness. 
  • This group will be offered by donation, so please be prepared to offer whatever it is that feels like a meaningful exchange after the class has finished.
  • Both chairs and floor space will be available, but please bring your own “comfort” items to support you fully, like pillows, blankets, bolsters, notebooks, etc.
  • Don’t hesitate to email with questions or call: Kari (509)