Kari Lyons-Price’s Bio:

Kari holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Social Work.  A health and wellness facilitator, educator and community leader, bringing Integrative Medicine to the forefront of national health.  Kari’s mission is to uphold self-determination as the utmost marker of health and well-being, working to further empower people while nurturing their inherent growth and healing process.  Specializing in Mindfulness based education services.

Born here, raised here, returned here in 2010.  My work has been focused in the fields of psychology, social work and now in Mindfulness & Meditation.  What I want people to know about me is that I changed my life using the tools of Mindfulness and Meditation.  After a skiing accident in 1995, I suffered for seven years with chronic and debilitating neck and back pain.  Do I still have pain in my body? Yes, I do but now I can manage it, and even be free from it by using these tools.  Wherever I am, my focus is to breathe, be present for myself and for those around me– in the community that I love and call home.

I believe what makes my services unique is my ability to meet people where they are, strengths and challenges, with acceptance and empowerment.  To also meet the needs of each person, not shaping them to fit into my way of thinking and doing, but to encourage and inspire them to find their own answers.   In social work we are taught to take into account not only the whole person, but the whole community and environment in which people live.  This model made significant impact on the way I define health and I teach that to all those I work with so that they can see themselves as part of an interconnected whole that supports us all.  Finally, in my role as a community non-profit leader I am well versed in local community resources and am eager to connect people to all information necessary to serve their health and wellness goals.